Your life is busy, you have kids, maybe not. Work and home are hectic so you seldom find the time to do your ‘thing’.

You run races, a marathon, multi-day events but you want something else. It’s not a faster pace or a heavier weight, it’s not isolation or grind, it’s raw, real and adventurous. You want to feel alive, be visually amazed, connect with people, run free. You want to test yourself, push yourself, redefine yourself.

Novice or ultra runner, be in the best shape of your life both mentally and physically.

Combine your love of seeing unbelievable places with the euphoria of a run. Join an intimate group of like minded people coming together, pushing each other to be awesome.

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Fancy yourself a bit more of a challenge?

Secure your spot for run777 where we combine the love of running with our adoration for travelling.


15 – 21 May 2022
Epic Alps

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7 – 13 May 2023*
Central Eastern Europe

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A bit of experience under your belt but not enough time, then run333 is for you.

Explore the UK, Europe and Scandies over long weekends.


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Best of Britain

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Switzerland, Italy, France

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Location: Campodolcino, Italy

Marathon 3 of run777 Epic Alps

GPS: 46°25’27.0“N 9°20’20.0“E


Location: Söderåsen National Park, Sweden

Marathon 3 of run777 Scandi & W. Europe

GPS: 56°05’34.2“N 13°06’10.4“E


Location: Lake Annecy, France

2 of run777 Epic Alps

45°49’27.9“N 6°12’31.0“E


Location: Campodolcino, Italy

Marathon 3 of run777 Epic Alps

GPS: 46°25’27.0“N 9°20’20.0“E


Location: Surrey, England

Marathon 7 of run777 Scandi & W. Europe

GPS: 51°14’51.0“N 0°18’40.0“W


You’re in Great Company

Learn what some of our runners have to say about our tours.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurt! The challenge was immense, I had only ever run a couple of marathons, but training for run777 taught me what my body was capable of. Even before starting the 7 marathons I had smashed my PB by 20min, lost two and a half stone, and at 37yrs old, was in the best shape of my life. This fundamentally changed me, what an adventure, what a lifetime experience.

Grant Sidwell2018 Finisher

Something I will remember for the rest of my life. Pushing through mental and physical barriers to get to epic places with great people, was the prize, every day for 7 days. Bucket list stuff!

Nick Shraga2019 Finisher + 2021 Runner

run777 was a rollercoaster of emotion, an immersive journey of self-discovery and an accelerated bonding experience: forging fond memories, fortitude and friendships to last a lifetime!

Rob Cloete2018 Finisher

E.P.I.C, pumped up and wanting more! Something totally different, reconnecting with people and running in terrain that was mind blowing. We pushed ourselves hard, we stopped for a beer, spoke to the village folk and stood on the top of snow-capped mountains. The variety was unreal.

Todd Hussey2019 Finisher

An explosive week of variety, camaraderie and views! A real rawness to these events, a feeling of getting back to what is important and actually taking time to breath. The camaraderie was cracking, the crew were excellent and the views and terrain were out of this world.

Antoon De Klerk2018 Finisher

Impossible is only made possible when you have a clear way forward, small attainable pieces. The run777 training plan gave me these pieces which led to great milestones

Todd Hussey2019 Finisher

No maybes or next time, this is it. One life, no excuses

Grant Sidwell2018 Finisher

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Not sure?

You asked, we answered

Here’s our frequently asked questions

Are there cut off times for each marathon?

Yes – 6.5 hours.

How do I train for this?

Training programmes and guidance on how to train is provided by RUNINHI. Whilst we do not recommend following these plans blindly, they provide good insight on what is required from a training aspect.

What is a RUNINHI event?

Our events are all about camaraderie, incredible scenery and massive achievement. Like a holiday but with great glory. We don’t believe in racing to any finish line, we are here because we love to travel, we love to run and we love hanging out with awesome people who like to do the same.

RUNINHI events have 2 formats: run777 and run333. Each day of a tour involves the completion of a full marathon and travel to the next country.

Can friends and family join?

Runners can bring a +1. Speak to us if you wish to enquire further.


What makes us so special?

Location. Location. Location.

Never was a dull run had with RUNINHI. We see this as a holiday, doing the thing we love the most, to run wild and free… and with every great holiday, comes incredible places. Lakes, oceans, mountains, forests, we have it all in one event!

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