After 5 years of pushing hard to make a success of a technology startup, it went south. Low on energy, I took an adventure with my wife and young sons.

Packed up a camper and drove 10,000 km around Europe, as far north as Finland, and down to beautiful Bosnia, in the hope that I would find some inspiration for my next chapter.

It struck me, upon a mountain in Norway, that I wanted to push myself in a different way.

I wanted to see more epic places, run and be with people doing things they love, whilst doing things they thought they never could.


But it was not all so simple.

Least I forget that I had only ever run a handful of marathons, no multi-day events and definitely not in any physical shape to endure 7 back-to-back.

Impossible I thought, put it to bed I said.

But the idea would not leave me.

So, I made some calls, formulated a plan, found a coach and just started.

Yes, there were hurdles along the way, but knowing that big goals are made of little steps got me, and many others, across that final finish line.

Be awesome.

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