As of January 2021, any new entrant to a run777, run333 or run111 event will be offered a full refund (deposit and remaining balance, minus processing fee @ 3.125%) if the race gets cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus.

Furthermore, if you are located in a country where travel complications due to Coronavirus would make it impossible for you to get to the start line (eg there are travel bans on your nationality), you can request a refund right up until one week before the race start date.

We will refund your entry fee in full, even if the race goes ahead as planned without you.

This new policy will remain in place and apply to anyone who registers until 30th September 2021.

We are trying hard to ensure that registering for one of our tours means no risk to you as we realise that committing to any travel event at this stage is quite unnerving.

Not to worry, we get it and are doing everything we can to protect you.

To adhere to current guidelines, and taking advice from the UK Foreign Office and tourist boards, we have set out the below actions and precautions to ensure we are doing our part to mitigate any risk for you during this time.

These steps may be changed or amended at any time to continue to comply with guidelines set out.

Protective equipment: All participants are required to bring face masks and sanitiser on tour. Branded face masks are available to purchase from RUNINHI.

Contact tracing: As is standard practice, we will be collecting contact details for all participants who register for our events.

This will allow us to track and trace the steps of anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and inform all necessary parties.

Health screening pre-event: Runners will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire 48hrs prior to the event, if a participant is thought to have COVID-19 symptoms, their place will be deferred to the next event or an alternate event.

Group running: Although a group running event, runners must always be prepared to adhere to the social distancing rules whilst running with other participants.

Travelling: Coaches travelling between countries will be at 50% capacity to ensure social distances measures are adhered to.

In some instances, participants may be asked to wear face masks during travel and hand sanitiser will be provided.

Hotels and restaurants: Adhering to the rules and regulations of the restaurants and hotels where we eat and stay at is a requirement of each participant.

Nutrition and hydration: Each participant is responsible for their own nutrition and hydration on tour and a no sharing policy will be operated.

Country restrictions: In the event that one or several of the countries whilst on the tour change their travel policies, RUNINHI will endeavour to alter travel arrangements to ensure we still travel to the select number of countries as per the event.

In the unlikely event that several countries close their borders whilst on tour, and no alternate route can be made, we reserve the right to amend the tour or cut it short as required.

RUNINHI crew: All RUNINHI crew will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes nitrile gloves, face masks, and access to sanitiser.

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