Like a holiday but with great glory.

We don’t believe in racing to any finish line, we are here because we love to travel, we love to run and we love hanging out with awesome people who like to do the same.

RUNINHI events have 3 formats: run777, run333 and run111.

Each day of a tour involves the completion of a full marathon and travel to the next country.

What is the atmosphere like?

It’s a great experience, filled with challenges, laughs, bonding and epic scenery. It is a chance to meet and form close relationships with like minded runners (not only during the week but in the 5 months of preparation), exploring new places and eating delicious food.

If you love running and travelling, this is definitely one for you.

What is provided in the entry fee?


  1. Hotel accommodation for either 7 or 3 nights depending on which event
  2. Meals – breakfast and dinner, excl. drinks (7 or 3 days)
  3. Transport – chauffeur driven luxury coach
  4. Official marathon entry, if applicable
  5. Ground assistance
  6. Minimal insurance
  7. Race medal and t‑shirt


  1. Flights to and from the event
  2. Visas
  3. Accommodation on final day of event
  4. Nutrition & equipment
  5. Personal comprehensive insurance (to cover cancellation, loss of items, injury, travel etc.)
  6. Training costs
  7. Doctors fees (e.g. for medical certificate)
  8. Spending money

What element of comfort can I expect from RUNINHI events?

We aim to make it as much like a holiday as possible.

Accommodation in is 3*+ hotels, breakfast included at the hotel and dinner planned at selected restaurants.

Are places limited?

We like to keep our tours intimate so we entrants are limited to 25 people per tour.

Are all the marathons official marathons?

Traditionally our first marathon of the tour is an official city marathon, the subsequent six marathons are not official but are full distance.

Does each marathon have a cut off time?

We aim to complete a marathon in ~5- 6.5 hours to ensure enough time for travel to the next country.

How do I get to the starting point?

Flights to the starting point are booked by each runner. Typically everyone arrives in the first country a day before the official marathon.

What type of terrain is it?

The terrain is varied across each marathon and each tour. Typically we aim to have a good split between trail and road running.

How are we transported between countries?

RUNINHI provides transportation between the countries in a chauffeur driven luxury coach.

When is the race entry payable?

A deposit is payable upon registration. This is non-refundable.

The remaining balance will be requested four months before the race start and must be paid in full three months prior to the race.

If the balance is not settled the runner will not be able to join.

Which visas do I need?

Depending on which country you reside in and which passport you hold will determine which visa you require.

As the majority of the RUNINHI events are held in Europe for participants outside of the EU, a Schengen Visa is usually required.

Please check your country’s visa requirements before committing to the event.

Do I need insurance?

All participants must have valid travel insurance that covers them for the activity they are doing (i.e. ultra marathon trail running).

We recommend Dogtag but there are many options, such as ITRA and the British Mountaineering Council.

Proof of insurance and your medical certificate will be requested at least one month before the tour.

What base level of fitness do I need to have?

  1. run777 – 20 weeks prior to the tour start date, it is suggested to have a base of 30km/week
  2. run333 – 16 weeks prior to the tour start date, it is suggested to have a base of
  3. run111 – 12 weeks prior to the tour start date, it is suggest to have a base of

What type of training do I need to do?

Training programmes and guidance on how to train is provided by RUNINHI in collaboration with our training coaches, AlpasFit.

Whilst we do not recommend following this plan blindly, it gives a good steer on what is required from a training aspect.

We also offer 1−2−1 coaching for those who feel they would prefer a more tailored experience, email us on [email protected]

What happens if my pace is slower than others?

Whilst we aim to keep participants together, we appreciate that this is not always possible.

In such an event, we will separate the group to accommodate for varying paces. No person will ever run solo as this is not that kind of event.

Do I need a medical certificate to take part?

Yes. — All participants, regardless of ability and experience, are required to submit a signed medical certificate.

This is not only an insurance requirement, we also want to ensure that participants are fit and healthy to get the most out of the RUNINHI events

What gear should I wear?

This is dependent on the tour you are taking part in and the time of year. Typically European summer (June – September) means running in shorts and a t‑shirt whilst Spring and Autumn seasons may mean adding in some warmer gear.

Do I bring my own nutrition on each run?

Every participant is responsible for their own running nutrition.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit is non-refundable unless the tour is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19, then all deposits and remaining balances are refunded in full.

What are the cancellation terms?

If you withdraw more than 120 days before the start date of a tour you will receive a refund of the entry fee for the tour, less the deposit.

If you withdraw from the tour less than 120 days before the start date, RUNINHI will not be liable to refund you any portion of the entry fee for the tour.

Can my friends and family join?

We realise that travelling is sometimes the best with friends/family so we offer a +1 where a runner can bring along another non-runner at a discounted price, based on room sharing and no running merchandise.

Get in touch with us at [email protected]

How do I volunteer?

Get involved! — We love it!

Email us on [email protected]

Can I purchase merchandise?

Absolutely. — We love brand advocates!

We are in the process of launching our merchandise on the website but for now, please email [email protected] to enquire further.

Can we sponsor run777

We are always looking to partner with companies who love what we are doing, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our events or a tour, please contact us on [email protected]

Does run777 raise money for a charity?

Yes, we raise money for Bokamoso Children’s Trust – a South African charity helping underprivileged children receive an education.

Whilst raising money is not a requirement to join a tour, as this is such an epic achievement, we fully support everyone who wishes to raise money for a charity close to their hearts.

What happens if the tours are cancelled due to COVID-19?

In the event where tours are cancelled due to events beyond our control, any participants in the RUNINHI events will be offered a full refund (deposit and remaining balance) if the race gets cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus.

Furthermore, if you are located in a country where travel complications due to Coronavirus would make it impossible for you to get to the start line (eg there are travel bans on your nationality), you can request a refund right up until one week before the race start date.

We will refund your entry fee in full, even if the tour goes ahead as planned without you.

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