Date: 16 Oct 2021 / Price: £30

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This is marathon #2 of the run333 Best of Britain Tour which takes place in the exquisite Lake District.

Known throughout the world as one of England’s must sees with its vast mountain ranges and glacial lakes.

Our run starts us off in Pooley Bridge, a quaint English village, as we make our way south along the shores of Ullswater, taking in the magnificent Aira Force waterfalls and making our way back along the eastern shores up to Lowther Castle.

Tour Details and Itinerary

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16 Oct 2021

Runners meet at Pooley Bridge

Marathon 1 || ENG

Start Time: 07:30 BST

~4:45 – 5:30hr marathon pace. Elevation gain: 1057 meters 

The triumphant end

16 Oct 2021

Runners depart

Marathon 1

Lake District, a World Heritage Site


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Cumbria, England

Total distance run:


Route summary:

Set in the magnificent Lake District, this run certainly doesn’t disappoint on mountain and glacial lake scenery. Starting in the quaint English village of Pooley Bridge, we make our way south along the shores of Ullswater, taking in the Aira Force waterfalls and making our way back along the eastern shores up to Lowther Castle, home to the Earls of Lonsdale in medieval times.

Interesting fact:

Home of the Cumberland sausage, true Cumberland sausages are around 2 feet long and a quarter of an inch thick – we’ll have a bit of that!

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  • run111 branded t‑shirt
  • run11 medal

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  • Travel to the start line
  • Travel from the finish line
  • Insurance
  • Running nutrition

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hurt! The challenge was immense, I had only ever run a couple of marathons, but training for run777 taught me what my body was capable of. Even before starting the 7 marathons I had smashed my PB by 20min, lost two and a half stone, and at 37yrs old, was in the best shape of my life. This fundamentally changed me, what an adventure, what a lifetime experience.

Grant Sidwell2018 Finisher + 2020 Runner

run777 was a rollercoaster of emotion, an immersive journey of self-discovery and an accelerated bonding experience: forging fond memories, fortitude and friendships to last a lifetime!

Rob Cloete2018 Finisher

An explosive week of variety, camaraderie and views! A real rawness to these events, a feeling of getting back to what is important and actually taking time to breath. The camaraderie was cracking, the crew were excellent and the views and terrain were out of this world.

Antoon De Klerk2018 Finisher
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