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So Nick, tell us about yourself, where do you live, what do you do?

I live in South Africa, Gauteng with my wife and 2 daughters. Lived in London for some time in my 20’s/30’s and had a lot of fun but needed to returned back home. 

I had always been into running, running in excess of 30 marathons, around 10 ultras including 3 Comrades and 2 Two Oceans. 

I wouldn’t quite say I have a runner’s physique, I’m a pretty big guy (~90kgs) but somehow my body just takes me where my mind wants to go.

Which event did you do?

run777 Epic Alps Tour 2019

What got you to run777?

I met Ollie through mates living in London and we started running together. 

When he told me about this thing he was doing, I was in for various reasons: 

  1. The thought of one day sitting back and talking about this experience. 
  2. Catching up with fellow participants over a beer and reliving what was one of the hardest things I had ever done. 
  3. Wherever I go in the world I take my trainers and have a jog most mornings, I have always said it is the best way to see a place, with this, we got to see 294km of 7 countries. 
  4. The training and challenge, I always need a goal of some sorts in life.

OK so you clearly love doing some crazy running, why, what makes you want to commit to these events?

I think it’s the training that gets me going, the process of watching my body get fitter and fitter each time, even if I start from a semi-bad base. 

The feeling of literally being able to run a bit faster or a bit further in one week, then the next – it’s when you realise that your body is capable of so much more than we give it credit for, it just needs the training. 

When we peak in the training, is when I realise how fit my body can be.

How did you find the training, being in SA and not in the same location as the other runners for the 2019 run777 event?

I have a great running club who I run with but I also enjoy a solo run. 

I caught up with the other run777 runners frequently and we pushed each other on.


Has to be Italy, Lake Como and remote villages. 

The actual excitement of getting up on the 3rd day and knowing what you are about to do, even though your body is saying no. 

Running along the lake on a crisp spring morning is something I won’t ever forget.

Hardest part?

Day 4, starting in the snow from a ski resort in Liechtenstein, we came off the high of the Italy leg and all of a sudden we were running in snow and running down the mountain into a chilly, grey place that felt empty. 

We hardly saw anyone and overall the place was a bit bizarre but, in true RUNINHI style, in order to keep the spirits up we stopped for 2 pints and had a Jägermeister!

Are you planning on doing something like this again, next running goal?

Signed up to the run777 Central & Eastern Europe Tour 2020 but sadly this had to be cancelled due to COVID, so I have literally just shifted my ticket to Oct 2021! 

Cannot wait.

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