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What does it take for a human to accomplish a great physical feat? 

There are people who seem to have superhuman powers among us. Those who have summited Mount Everest, swum for kilometres in icy cold ocean waters, or run marathons back-to-back leave us in awe. 

But the truth is – they’re human, just like the rest of us, albeit a little more fit and adventurous!

People complete incredible feats of fitness for different reasons – you just need a few key ingredients to help you along the way. 

So, if you’re interested in taking on the challenge of 7 marathons in 7 days, here’s a brief rundown on what it takes.

How to Run 7 Marathons in 7 Days: A Tell-All Guide

The premise of run777, which aims to tackle 7 marathons in 7 countries in 7 days, is to not think of it as a race at all. 

It’s about adventure, achievement, camaraderie, and pushing through physical and mental boundaries. 

It’s also about leaning on those around you – teamwork and motivation at its finest.

The end goal of this incredible physical feat is to raise money for the Bokamoso Education Trust and change the lives of children. 

The marathon tour runs through the heart of Europe and some of the continent’s most spectacular scenery. 

It covers stunning countries such as Switzerland, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary and so many more.

So, what does it take?

1) The Right Amount of Training Time

When it comes to marathon training, consistency is key. Long-distance running is all about putting in the time and effort and distance before the actual event.

As you can imagine, running 7 marathons in 7 days requires rigorous amounts of training. Prior to the run777 event, runners must commit to 5–6 months of marathon training.

This begins with the goal of running 40kms per week which then increases by 10% each week to achieve a 100km weekly goal at the peak. Over the course of these months, this equates to over 1,500km of pre-marathon training. Come rain, snow, wind, or harsh sunshine, consistent training is critical.

2) Find Something That Feeds Your Motivation

In this case, camaraderie among your fellow marathon runners is a great source of motivation. 

Along with this, is motivation driven by something you personally believe in. 

Whether it’s raising money for a certain charity, running in memory of a loved one, running as a personal fitness endeavour. Find something that fuels your passion and motivation and keep that at the forefront of your mind.

3) Work on Your Mental Stamina

As the saying goes, the only thing between you and success is the limits you place on yourself. 

This is what’s incredibly important to remember when taking on such a strenuous physical challenge. 

You may have the physical stamina, but mental stamina is equally crucial. 

The key is to be able to push through challenging days. You need to learn how to turn your negative thoughts into motivational thoughts as it’s important to train your mind to break through mental barriers that could hold you back from achieving your goal. 

You have to train your mind to enjoy yourself when the going gets tough!

4) Learn How to Lean on Others

When it comes to running a marathon of this magnitude, it’s not about the speed at which you run or your finishing time, it’s about the run itself and learning to rely on your fellow teammates for support when it’s needed. 

It’s important to adopt the idea of ”we start together and finish together”, a support mechanism that will get you through your darkest moments. 

Motivating yourself and others to push through tough moments is ultimately what carries you across the finish line, not your speed. It’s also important to learn to ask for help and support when you need it. 

You are not a burden because you’re all in it together.

5) Accept That Not Everything Will Go To Plan

Running a marathon of this kind, as we have highlighted, is all about attitude. 

It’s important to accept that not everything will go to plan, every day. 

If you can make peace with this from the get-go, your attitude is already half-way there. 

It’s important to go into this type of marathon with good preparation as it allows you to cope with challenging scenarios in a light-hearted way.

Bear in mind that it’s not just the race conditions and your own stamina that you can’t anticipate, it’s also about your team mate’s emotions and how they handle challenging situations. 

Be open to the fact that people handle things differently. It’s not right or wrong, but very circumstantial.

Find something bigger than yourself to run for – this takes a tremendous amount of pressure off your own capabilities.

6) Turn Your Fear into Motivation

Many people are hounded and limited by fear. 

The fear of failure, disappointment, and pain can be crippling and stop you from realizing how strong and capable you truly are. 

Instead of allowing this fear to cripple you, use it as fuel to your fire. Lean into your fear and harness it as a form of extra motivation. 

It’s important to understand that fear is something that is created in your own mind and if you can win the battle between your will and your mind, you can achieve this incredible physical feat.

A challenge such as this is no small feat, so to help you on your way to doing something truly epic, we have created the Ultimate Training Plan for you. 

A 20 week, day by day training schedule, that you can follow in the lead up to a run777 event.

Live is for the taking. 

Adventure waits for no one.

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